Discover Dingac the best wine region in Croatia – Peljesac Wine Tours

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Visit Dingac Wine Region With Us!

Dingac Region Highlights: Great wineries & famous Dingac wine, wineyards on 45 degree inclined slopes.

Dingac is Croatian protected wine region. It is placed in the midle of Peljesac Peninsula at extremely steep mountain slopes. This region is the most famous site for Croatian grape variety “Plavac Mali”. Grapes are grown at unique hand made & cultivated vineyards. Region was founded in 1937 by 300 local producers contributing as one collective during former Yugoslav communism mainly based only around “Dingac Winery”. Wineries we choose to visit today are small and big size family owned wineries that make premium wines. Wineries will be often presented by actual owner and wine maker. During “Peljesac Wine Tours” we will meet interesting people, learn about wines, taste different kind of wines, liqueurs and olive oil. Purpose of the tour is also to refresh, relax and enjoy out of city crowd. Roads of the Peljesac wine region are narrow and twisting so our drivers are always sober and concentrated while you can enjoy the scenery and be relaxed. Our private guides will share with you their knowledge about wine, food, history, culture and lifestyle of this region.

Ston walls, vineyards, oyster picking by boat – Peljesac Wine Tours

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Visit Ston Region With Us!

Ston Region Higlights: Medieval Gothic city & great walls, oyster picking, fleur de sel, famous restaurants ….

Ston is small charming medieval town with lot of unique surprises. City was main sea salt production site of Dubrovnik Republic in times when salt was precious like gold. Salt pans are the oldest in Europe and the largest preserved ones in the history of the Mediterranean. Salt plants are still in use today and salt producing technology has not changed for centuries. Fleur de sel is a hand harvested sea salt collected by workers who scrape only the top layer of salt before it sinks to the bottom of large salt pans. Dubrovnik Republic build “Ston Walls” second largest walls in the world to protect this area and salt trade. Medieval Gothic City is well preserved up today. Region is cover by vineyards and olive trees. This place is also well known for oysters and muscles farms. Ston oysters are the best tasted natural aphrodisiac. On Peljesac Wine Tours we often take our guests to oyster tasting. Also as tour option they can visit oyster farms with boat driven by local oyster producer.