Dubrovnik Old Town – Peljesac Wine Tours

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Visit Dubrovnik Old Town With Us!

Dubrovnik Highlights: Guided tour of Old Town, City Panorama from high mountain slopes.

Dubrovnik is departure point of all Peljesac Wine Tours. The ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ situated on the Dalmatian coast became an important Mediterranean sea power from the 13th century onward. Great city walls and forts, Gothic and Renaissance churches, monasteries, palaces and fountains are still fascinating today. This City belongs to the few cities in the world that have such a rich historical and cultural offer. It is almost impossible for a lone traveler to grasp the full extent of beauty without a professional guidance. Old Town can be crowded during summer time. Visitors seek for interesting & relaxing tour on their vacation often choose our Dubrovnik & Peljesac Tour. On this tour we will first visit Old Town and than continue to refreshing Peljesac countryside.  If lack of time during your visit is issue do not hesitate to ask us for customized tour.  When Cruise ship stay only few hours in the port we will first make guided tour & wine tasting in Old Town of we will take our guests to closer City countryside or Konavle region for wine tasting and lunch. So if lack of time during your visit is issue do not hesitate to ask us for customized tour. We are always glad to find best solution for our guests.

Peljesac Wine Tours – Croatian “Plavac mali” & American Zinfandel birthplace.

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Peljesac wine “Plavac mali” premium quality on all our tours:

Did you know that you are coming to the country of Zinfandel birthplace ?

Plavac mali is indigenous and dominant red grape in Dalmatia (Croatian coast of Adriatic Sea). Many years ago there was another grape in Dalmatia which was called Crljenak. Crljenak wasn’t very heat resistant while variety Dobričić (the “little good one”) isn’t very mold resistant. Crossing the two variety’s Crljenak with variety Dobričić we get variety Plavac Mali. Plavac Mali grew far better on both counts and become dominant grape. Scientist Dr. Carole Meredith, a professor and geneticist at the University of California at Davis using DNK analysis discovered that Californian Zinfandel is actually a old Croatian variety called Crljenak. Crljenak and the American wine Zinfandel are in fact the same wines. Crljenak today known as Zinfandel was brought to Long Island in the United States in the early 19th century where it became highly valued. After arriving to California it spread rapidly and now is most widespread wine in America. Enjoy this interesting story first-hand at Zinfandel birthplace. Explore Peljesac Peninsula the best Croatian wine growing region for Plavac mali. Visit some of the top wineries and let yourself enjoy the taste and aroma of finest wines on Peljesac Wine Tours.